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Dark & Lovely Healthy-Gloss 5 Shea Moisture Relaxer - Regular

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Dark and Lovely



Moisture seal plus shea butter. Improved! 1 application or 2 retouches.

Regular: For fine to medium hair textures. Moisture sealed into every strand. Conditions hair for healthy shine and softness. Unlock the natural beauty of healthy-looking hair. Dark and Lovely moisture seal plus shea butter is the next generation in our no-lye conditioning formula.

Our moisture seal conditioners replenish every hair strand with incredible moisture for healthy shine and softness.

Our deep conditioner complete with shea butter and natural oils adds an extra boost of moisture for your hair. Hair is soft-to-touch, silky-straight and healthy-looking. Shea butter is one of nature's finest ingredients for moisture.

You can trust Dark and Lovely - incredible moisture for healthy-looking, beautiful hair since 1978.